Art direction and illustrations for Imants Ziedonis Fund  Viegli music album Vakars.Pietura.Jasmīns. Album presents original songs with Ziedonis lyrics by some of the countries most loved alternative, pop and folk musicians. Just like in the previous album, all the 11 songs were recorded during the Viegli creative workshop in Imants Ziedonis summer house Dzirnakmeni, in a small barn, which adds to the special sound and atmosphere of the songs.

The album was designed by Associates, Partners et Sons. 

The album can be listened to and downloaded from the fund’s website and «eKase»

The charity fund Viegli, was created in 2010, to aid the realization of the ideas of Imants Ziedonis, (3 May 1933 – 27 February 2013) an influential  Latvian poet and cultural figure, who first rose to fame during the Soviet occupation of Latvia. 

Associates, Partners et Sons:
Imants Ziedonis: