Deeply Personal is women’s ready-to-wear fashion brand established in Riga, Latvia in early 2015.

ELINA VANAGS is the founder and creative director of Deeply Personal. Deeply Personal’s manifesto is all about minimalism and easy transitional pieces with a slight twist of humor. They are not only reserved for special occasions but reflect the rhythm of her modern muse – a woman who has her own guilty pleasures in-between combining active business and family lives. Her interest is in creating feminine clothes that are still entirely unique and timeless, innovative and experimental.

Deeply Personal uses custom hand-made prints, juxtaposing contrasting masculine vs feminine lengths and volumes, fine woven textures and fabrics inspired from urban architecture such as mesh and pleats to transform the pieces into unexpected shapes and silhouettes.

Liga Kitchen was invited to create the "Vast fields" print for Deeply Personal Spring/ Summer collection 2016.
“Vast Fields” print is about that feeling when you just sit and observe life, like a passer-by. Almost like looking at it all from an airplane.
Everything looks like the rich pattern of an endless land. Photos by Mark Litvyakov from Riga fashion week.